Friday, 1 November 2013

Ups J and downs L - and ending on an up J!

So our week started with loving gazes, watching the concrete dry J.  I haven’t got sick of checking it out yet!

Then some reality came in – dang!  We had a meeting with Richard, our building supervisor – always good!  But, there are so many things to sort out!  And it seemed a bit overwhelming for a couple of days...but things have come together again so yay!

We have had our termite barrier installed – can certainly smell the chemicals to repell the littlies when you are close to it – but all ready for building now J.

We have had equipment and a tool trailer delivered – because our chippie is super keen to start! 



We have sorted out our window and door schedule – a HUGE relief!  And the jarrah joinery we are getting will look absolutely stunning – I so can’t wait to see it all!!

And there is a guesstimate that we might be bale-raising by the last week of November – only 4 weeks (or less) away.  So pencil it in your diaries – we will need all hands on deck ;-)

Yep, ending this week on an up J! 

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