Monday, 18 November 2013

The sirens are singing tonight J - or at least the wind is whilstling through the tin of our ceiling.

Ryan and Andy spent the first part of the morning framing up the gables, while Michael was out picking up the recycled corrugated colourbond that is our ceiling material. 

Not conventional, no.  Environmentally friendly being recycled, yes.  Character – with a capital C - it's got scratches, holes and dents - - the perfect imperfection of all that I love!  Cheaper than new – certainly for the material ‘as is’, hopefully still cost effective with the bit of extra labour to clean and cut it.


And, for my eye, very, very pretty!  This is what the strawbales will see – all the colours - we will see the pale grey that is the ‘inside’ of colourbond sheets – I wasn’t brave enough to have the patchwork visible forever (but I do love it so I will have the laundry ceiling sheeted as patchwork visible forever – got to have some artistic bits on show J).


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