Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 2 – Holy, smokin’ drop saw, Batman - we have wall frames J!!

I take the kids to school this morning and get home one hour later to find this:


And tonight, our wonderful crew have left us with this – nearly half a house framed up!!


As always, it has been interesting to see the process evolve – moving walls because plumbing didn’t quite fit otherwise, moving windows to avoid the steel columns that will hold the roof up, framing up the windows in two different ways because of the different sizes, moving bush pole sites so the outlook from the windows will be nicer (we hope)... 

We knew our style of building our home would be ‘organic’ like this – if we needed or wanted it be millimetre perfect on paper I would have had to spend heaps more hours on the plans – and probably still have things I would have liked to change anyway.  This way, the builders and us are all happy to chat about changes as they might crop up.

It’s all about the communication, eh?

Oh, and the amateur psychologist in me thinks I might be suffering from withdrawal – I think I am feeling that I have handed over ‘my baby’ and that others now have full control.  Does that make me a control freak instead?  I realised today though, hubby and I have always worked on our projects together – on the tools together, so this is *very* different for me – to be in the background, watching from a-far...

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