Friday, 29 November 2013

More framing completed inside – nearly all done now and it is lovely to really be able to walk through our home – hallways and all.

I was away a couple of days this week retrieving the eldest from school, and spent some time at Homebase checking out bits and pieces.  It was time well spent to confirm and narrow down some of my choices for internal finishes – yay!

Yesterday, the guys worked on getting some of the ply up that will be our northern internal wall finish.


That is our loungroom window on the left (window seat height) and our kitchen door and window to the right.  I always thought we would paint it (and probably still will) but it sure does look pretty in this pink, don’t you think? 

And as you might notice, that dang ceiling still leaks ;-) – so we are having a rain day today.  Next Monday we will go pick up our bush poles and the adventure of building the verandah will start for those who need to make them fit! 

(Oh, and if you can read through the lines, you will know that I have succeeded in being very patient – the first estimate for bush poles was over a week ago – and I only stressed a tiny bit.  There was plenty of other work to be getting on with though, wasn’t there?)

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