Thursday, 14 November 2013

It’s been a quiet couple of days on the building site – Ryan and Andy were working away as we waited for the roof beams to arrive (delays are all part of the game, eh?...) – but Hubby and I were busy building the brick plinths – and 28 done and finished in 2 and a half days – not bad for amateurs I reckon!

My part of the job was cleaning out the mortar and pointing the brickwork – I am still trying to work out why you spend so much time putting ‘stuff’ into a part of the building, then pulling lots of it out again! 

 Now, today, in contrast – was all go again – and the big, boys’ toys were called in for those big beams!!

One hour later, 3 out of 3 parts of our ridge beam bolted to the columns J...

Then give those blokes another few hours and half a roof is rafted too!!

Almost looking like a house now J - and looking big!!


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