Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I did promise you some more photos of Cluckingham Palace – but I haven’t been able to see it for the fog!! 

How fun is this fog though?  J  It descended just before 5 o’clock last night and stayed until mid-morning Michael just told me.
This was my view down our driveway as I went for my walk this morning:

Ok, so the view was actually in focus, I just took a dodgy photo ;-)  But I couldn’t see the neighbours house across the road (about 200m away).

Then I had these gorgeous views as I walked around:
A foggy field:

And the lake was foggy of course:

So pretty.

But what impressed me most was all the spider webs I could suddenly see.  There were so many on so many plants (I walk past them everyday and only saw the webs today) – sparkling like tiny diamond jewels:

So what have you been up to, eh?  Maybe same as us, which is pretty much as normal – family, friends, work and gardening.

We had a wonderfully incredible family lunch in Perth – 17 of us cousins, partners and kids – eating the food our grandmother used to lovingly cook for us – 4 different breakfasts she happily provided on school holidays, cake every day, and dessert even when we were “too full” to eat the dinner we didn’t quite like.  We love her for all this still!
There has been progress on the chook palace here – why haven’t I got photos to show you?!  Ok, next time.

But here is some garden progress:
Leaf buds on our new white mulberry J, Shatoot variety:


I also admired our Nicola potato shoots J:


And I have put in some effort to try and get some peas to sprout and produce – very few have come up this year, I am blaming slaters and slugs so far, so we will see if these cloches make a difference:


Or if growing them in seed pots and planting out when they are nice and strong will work (this is also my current experiment – starting some early “spring” seedlings – capsicums, Lebanese cucumber – and I will start some tomatoes when my Diggers Club seeds arrive for next month):

We are still enjoying plenty from the patch too – carrots and spinach still going strong, dill and parsley too and some snowpeas which did much better than podded peas:


And my final photos - red flowering broad beans looking very pretty:


And a sunflower – still stunning as it goes through its last stages:


Monday, 27 July 2015

Two weeks ago, Warwick Rowell passed from this earthly life.   We are very privileged to have known him and even more so to have learned much about sustainable building and to live in a home that is testament to his legacy.  Journey well Warwick, you made a difference to so many.