Monday, 4 November 2013

So this is the end of Day 1.  


All good!  The walls are laid out and we can ‘walk’ through our home J.
The morning was spent in meetings – Richard and Ryan (our carpenter) finalising bits and bobs; then Richard and I finalising a massive amount of bits and bobs!  Boy have I got some shopping to do!!

Interestingly, the final order for the lintels (heavy bits of timber over the windows to keep the wall above from falling down) was sorted out today – interesting to me, because we had to end up getting NZ pine from the local building supplier.  Now I have nothing against NZ pine, but part of my philosophy of living is to source things locally – and the rest of our structural pine is WA grown – so it is interesting that a quick decision has resulted in a ‘compromise’.  I do find it interesting to see the impact of decision-making in action (remember I had written this blog post...).

 So Day 1 – all good J.

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