Sunday, 18 October 2015

So, Cluckingham Palace was finished a few weeks ago!  :-)


And my Honey surprised me with these (I am not 100% sure that I am not secretly more excited about these…):

Filled them that same day!! J

Last weekend though, we got our Chookens!! J

There’s two Brahmas, two Blue Mottled Wyandottes and two Black Mottled Wyandottes.  I think that Brahma at the back, Rosie Posie, is now starting to show signs of being Roger Poger…watch this space…
It’s been a while – computer issues, issue issues, health issues, issue issues, work issues, family issues, issue issues…I think you get the idea…so pretend it is still the first week of September when I actually had this ready to post…

So the first days of spring have sprung!  And right on cue, there is lots of new life to see…
Joey heads popping out of pouches:

Peaches blossoming:

Bees buzzing:

Blueberries getting ready to burst out:

And a new puppy for us to love :-)