Monday, 25 November 2013

So – we had a flood on Friday (and today...but that is another story – and another location!) – my roof leaks LOL!!!   Who would have guessed eh?

5.45 am and I said to Michael, “That’s rain” – so we ran out and covered the jarrah battens and ply lining boards. 

6.30 am – the lads arrive and they find this:



That’s the bathroom – holds water well don’t you think?  And the rest of the house looked pretty much the same.  Apparently 23mm of rain in less than an hour will do that - and that would make the ply sitting in this swimming pool too.  So the guys quickly grabbed a broom and got the water out, cut out some of the door jambs to make it easier and got the ply up onto gluts to dry out asap (oopsie).

Then they got some lovely internal wall frames started – yay – those guys are good!

Our weekend was spent with the excavator to dig the trench for the electrics – it’s looking good!



And in between time, I spent some time just gazing at the house – kind of in awe about how it actually looks the same as I envisaged it.  Not sure why I wasn’t expecting that?  But I am loving it alot!! 

Today’s dawn started with a menagerie of visitors J - 5 kangaroos, 4 parrots, 3 crows and 2 rabbits – plus Rodney the rooster cockleing in the background.  I loved watching the roos – especially the mama with the joey getting in and out of her pouch – legs all asunder LOL.



Can you spy the little kangaroo in the foreground?  And don’t you just love sunrise?  It is such a pretty time of the day watching the colours come back into the world.

Knock-off time is pretty good too though.  The whole front of the house is framed up now – wow!



It’s definitely looking good J.

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