Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Here’s the better photo I promised: J


They are gorgeous window seats aren’t they?!!
I am still loving all our walls – the strawbaled ones look stunning as usual, and the ones we are painting, I just love the colour – so all good all around.

One small problem, and I mean we have some small – visitors…
… of the crawly variety…


They are mostly underneath the truth window, though are under all windows and in all corners of the house now – so they have been sent off to the Ag Dept to get identified.  The most likely strawbale bugs are booklice or spider mites – both of which seem to break out/in of ‘grain’ storage with warm, humid weather – so the deluges we have had of late, before the render has completely dried out, might be what has brought them out of the bales.  I wasn’t naïve enough to think we wouldn’t have some critters in the bales, but I was hoping they would die a natural death before I had to deal with them…and drying out seems to be what will drive booklice/spider mites out of our home too - so - while we wait for summer for that to happen completely, I am getting some damp absorbing granules to have in containers around the house – just to feel like I am doing something at least…and we will wait on the Ag Dept to tell me we have nothing to worry about.
Meanwhile, last week Michael has been digging trenches on all four sides of our home – so it feels like we have a moat now (and sure did when the rain filled quite a bit of it!).


Then, Kent the plumber was here today – so we have a network of greywater and black water pipes started - which aren't actually upside down, despite the suggestion of this photo!


And, we would have had some septic tanks to plumb them into too…save for us not receiving the correct invoice for them, so we couldn’t pay until this morning – and then they want to wait until the transfer is in their bank account before they leave the yard…sigh, so we wait (~patiently).
Now, let’s talk seriously about loos!

I still can’t believe I had to go to a shop and sit on loos to choose one!! LOL.  My criteria was – easy to clean – because, Hello, I’ll be the only one doing that!  The lady did tell me these ones had been designed/shaped for – ahem – clean flushing – IYKWIM ;-)
Too much information??

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