Monday, 23 June 2014

Ah, lookie, the garden is coming along:
We planted our rockeries several weeks ago – wee little natives from the Geographe Landcare Nursery – they look like they have settled in well.  Kangaroos only ate a few.

 Vege tank beds sprouting green too J.

I put in a few of most seeds that I had – so you will see corn and sunflowers in the middle there with the peas – yes, I know it is not the right time for them, but I wanted green desperately – and if they do grow tall enough, they will help support the peas – and we might even get a renegade sunflower…
I turned the first compost bolognaise (see it in the background) and made a second pile, and a third and a fourth – I love compost!

And lookie at this little garden friend – oops, I think I frightened him.

And people – we have a baby cauliflower!! 

Come, my little flower – grow big – so I can eat you!

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