Monday, 23 June 2014

So…our world of building – it’s been another couple of weeks – things have slowly progressed, stress levels as expected (highs and lows) – and the list to completion might almost be in sight – but not quite yet!
Plumbing well progressed – check J.

Septic tanks well watered in:

Yes, we’ve had a drop of rain or two…looks like a great lap pool though!
Architraves – check J. 


Stunning, of course – and made mostly from recycled architraves that we were given from a local house demolition J.  And, I only had a minor heart-start to see all the liquid nails that had to scraped off our newly painted walls – so a bit more filling, sanding and painting is now back on the list.
Oh, my kitchen – she is sitting in there, waiting patiently for her benchtop – and I only made Michael pull it out once (so Ryan could cut out one cupboard, and add two to the end instead) – better I changed my mind on Day 2 than later, eh?  Well I thought so anyway – and it is a much better set up now J.  Quite a lovely compromise for a kitchen that was custom made for a different house, in a different configuration.


And for people who know such things – the appliances were just for show – they are now removed so the benchtop – arriving Monday – yay! – can be screwed in place properly.  I am still thinking I will paint those jarrah cupboards – but no time right now, and happy to wait until we see how dark it will look with the jarrah benchtop too.
Now - family, friends – meet Desmond, our new dehumidifier.  He is a trouper, working non-stop with narry a complaint – and already got the humidity down 10% - that’s about 20 litres of water removed in the few days he has been here.  Still need to get down another 10% if we can…


But, good news – the bugs are much less frequent visitors already – yay J.   And as much I do really love bugs, these still gotta go!!
And Saturday’s family bonding time before soccer – assembling the units for our leach drains – we give our kids good, clean entertainment around here!


We chose plastic leach drains this time because they sound more environmentally friendly – made in WA, recycled plastic and 100% recyclable.  And everyone says they do the job right – so not much to not recommend them I hope. 
So, now – we are waiting for the wood floor man – who was supposed to be here a fortnight ago, wouldn’t answer or return our calls last week, until finally he did and said he was too busy to do our job – so we are waiting for the new wood floor man (who’s name, in fairness, was given to us by the first wood floor man).  The new wood floor man has promised us he will be here by the end of this coming week… so, we wait...patiently…and know there is plenty to be getting on with of course - one thing high on the list will be to get a pump so the lap pool goes, and the leach drains go in instead!

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