Thursday, 26 June 2014

Two steps forward, three steps back – yep, we are still playing the owner-builder game...

One step forward – this gorgeous kitchen benchtop arrived – Thank you Jeff!!

Two steps forward – the pump worked well to get the water out of the plumbing pits, we reckon it cleared quite a few 10,000L of water!

Step back – humidity in the house staying up above 60% = bugs not going anywhere fast!

Step back – the plumbing pit is filling back up – seepage from the banks and more rain!
Step back – looks like the concrete waterproofing product has reacted with the concrete sealer (it should be nice and smooth from what we understand) – and who knows if our wood floors can be laid over this!  And yes, we did tell the supplier we had concrete sealer down there.

There are quite a few What if’s? and If only’s floating around in our heads at the moment L…time to find the positives!
Positive – look again at the gorgeous benchtop – and wait ‘til you run your hand over it!! J

Positive – still breathing – only just – got a cold…
Positive – still learning – could do with a break actually…

Positive – still breathing J
Positive – still learning J

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