Wednesday, 11 June 2014

When I wonder, when I question, when I doubt….

God gives me the answer - this is why...
Isn’t that a stunning sunrise – no photoshopping either!!

Michael and I are doing quite a bit of wondering, questioning and doubting just lately.  At this late stage of the build we are getting tired, feeling the effects of working hard for the last several months to get our home to this stage and are really feeling ready to just have it finished and done!  We are feeling ready to move in and start a ‘real’ family life again.  We are feeling ready for it to just be us here.
Plus our building permit expiry is looming and it is going to be a close call if the house is completed by then.  The requirement is that the bathroom and kitchen are fully functioning (including a splashback apparently) – and since we haven’t quite got any benchtops organised...well, you get the picture…

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