Sunday, 25 May 2014

And things happening on the house...

We have pretty door handles – it took me the longest time (weeks of active looking and having a go at trying them) to find these ones that I liked! 

Cheeky Ralf the tiler, said he was going to just texta on some lines onto this glorious green waterproofing – and call it done!  No, I didn’t quite like the green that much!! 
We did get the jarrah kitchen cupboards inside – still a bit of work to get them to fit our configuration – but so good to see them starting to look like our kitchen J.

We have glorious door jambs – mostly jarrah but some other hardwoods mixed in there from our wood pile.  I always thought I would paint the jambs – since we are definitely painting the internal doors (they are a second-hand mish-mash so need a bit of TLC) – but Jeff has done it again, and these look stunning in raw wood!!  Oh, well, I am sure we will do something sometime…

And Ryan has also put in these recycled jarrah doors in our entry hall – they look great - was going to paint them too, but will wait to see how it all looks when the jarrah floorboards are in because right now, they contrast beautifully with the white walls and cream strawbale render.

Now these..these I wish you could see IRL!  Ryan and Michael got all the window seats lined with recycled jarrah floorboards – they are just incredibly gorgeous – you can see nail holes, and dings and bits of old paint-looking colours – perfect!  And we will seal them with the clear sealer to be used on the floorboards that will be on the floors so all this gloriousness stays visible forever J!

Must take a better photo actually because  they are stunning!  And very comfy too – I am really enjoying sitting in them and re-connecting with our home.  Can’t wait until we have the library set up and I can sit with my book, in a window seat, and while the day away.



  1. Great to see an update! What is jarrah wood? We built our house 25 years ago and have oak everywhere. I loved it at the time, but now I'm kind of over it. I would like to paint it all! Why do I like to change things all the time?!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Susan, Jarrah is our local Western Australian hardwood - I love it's gorgeous red colour.