Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We are strawpenters!!

Bale raising has started – and the roof is all baled up – both sides! 

This was 6.42am yesterday:


Three hours later – now you see them in all their glory (that is our wonderful neighbour who volunteered to help out – Thank you Birgit!!):

 …now you don’t (Andy doing the covering in Albany Wool Batts sarking and it is still only morning tea time!):

Richard was here too – re-tying the loose bales so they fitted in some gaps – but somehow he escaped the camera.
The guys then spent time getting the roofing all on:

… so this morning we could do it all again! 

 All baled up!!! Yay!!! (By 9am – just amazing!)
One bale too many up there though - I bet it was satisfying throwing it down.


 Now here is a trick question for you – What is the longest distance in my world? 
That would be this 12 horizontal metres and 2.5 vertical metres to get strawbales onto our roof!

My goodness it was a lot of hard work and in between me whinging about how heavy some bales were I did remember to say a prayer of thanks that we are healthy enough for this hard work and that we (will) have a wonderful home to live in.

 So that has been our Monday and Tuesday so far J.  It is good J.
PS.  And you might notice my joie de vivre has improved (thankfully!) – it is amazing what a little blood, sweat and tears can do for a girl J.  And if I ever thought I was pretty good as an amateur psychologist, I have nothing on Richard Rowell!  Rich reads this blog so he knew of my melancholy and as we chatted about the progress on the home he nailed my concern on the head (which I couldn’t do!) – I was worried about letting the guys down.  We are getting to the point where the bank account is dwindling rapidly and when we run out of money, if it happens when Ryan and Andy still have work to do, it will really feel like we have let them down – I know how much effort they have put into building our home and we appreciate it so, so much!!  (I know we will run out of money, we have to really, otherwise we will just spend forever.  I know that too will happen, but it will have to be after we can say – “This house is finished (for now)”.  So I am madly balancing our budget too – got to make sure we can pay for all the big things that are on the horizon.)

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  1. Looking very good. Now let it rain!!