Thursday, 13 February 2014

Oh so pretty – we have a patchwork verandah ceiling!! 



See, I really did do it J - and it is oh so pretty, pretty, pretty.
Of course, will be even prettier when we clean it…

The guys are always working hard and we have our pantry lined too:


This 'dungeon' is looking great but boy do I need that VOC sealer – the chemical fumes from the Liquid Nails is Nasty!  Yuck, and I just looked on the tube – ‘vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness” – sounds dangerous L.  Another lesson learned – check your products before use!!  Research now tells me it may have been possible to use a low VOC liquid nails.
Other better news though – roof and guttering delivered J

There sure is lots of it and just a bit scary to think how it will look, it is the first real thing that we had to choose a colour that we can’t change if we don’t like it!

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