Friday, 28 February 2014

If five gyprockers descend on your home – WATCH OUT!!!!
Because they will do this:


And this:

And this:

 And this:

And More! (Ooh, lookie at the pretty shadows J).  And they will work like mad men in a massive whirlwind of activity and only take 3 hours!! 
Our job was to keep out of their way!

And staple up the wool batt insulation that is in all our internal walls (for noise control and temperature stabilisation):

Phew, it really was tiring just watching them!  And boy, did they make some mess – but they got on the brooms at the end of the day and cleaned up too J - gotta love that!  (Though I can’t wait to give the house a good vacuum after they are finished).
And meanwhile, Ryan was loving putting the extra 4000+ screws in the roofing, Andy was up and down ladders helping him and us, and Michael was doing his final check of electrics before it was all walled in forever!

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