Friday, 20 November 2015

Hmm, I wonder if this de-cluttering is addictive?  Can probably hope!!

Day three – very pleased with cleaning these cupboards.  I didn’t actually turf anything because we use the vast majority (I am not die-hard, I am keeping some stuff that I assume we will get around to using soon-ish….watch this space…)

Now this, this you should be totally amazed to see!!   This is our cupboard of lunch containers and water bottles – it was frightening before – you know the one, you throw the item in and close the door before it all falls out??

Lookie now:

Gees, I am good!!!

And because my list included de-cluttering the Tupperware pile too, which we keep in the pantry, I just kept going afterwards and now this cupboard looks like this:

All clean, all tidy - and all the top bench and shelf wiped over and many plastic storage containers put into use like they are supposed to be!!!

Looking good pantry, looking good!

Oh, and I just had a thought…some are converting their pantry storage back to glass only….hmmm,  another time I think….gonna savour this happiness for a while yet :-).

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