Saturday, 2 January 2016

What a difference a day makes!!

Yesterday I was all [insert word for whatever is the bah humbug New Year equivalent] – it was the same old, same old here…but today is much better!

So, as I do, let’s examine what has changed and made it better:

  • Read back on some family letters and realised/acknowledged that I am missing some important people in my life – but I get to see many of them again soon J
  • Went for a fantastic walk this morning, met a couple of neighbours along the way so we had nice chats and then cooked myself a scrummy breakfast – real coffee (of course), fried tomatoes (I picked them yesterday J), poached egg from our new ‘layer’ “Miss Clucky” (she’s a talker – more info to follow) and a slice of wholemeal sourdough, toasted J.
  • Spent some time in the garden J - dug potatoes, watered seeds, composted J.
  • Found some bargains at the Vinnies as we dropped No.1 son off for his usual volunteer morning.
  • Spent a couple of lovely hours on the beach with the little kids and the puppy and they all played so nicely with lots of other doggies J.
  • Home just now for another yum coffee and yummy lunch J.
  • Sitting now with worn-out puppy on my lap while I am typing this up J.
 So, a good day and I like that a lot!!!

This helped too – read it and see if it resonates with you xx.

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