Monday, 2 March 2015

Today I am grateful!
What a wonderful (emotional) place to be!   And, trust me, I struggle with this plenty of times even though I know I am grateful - so I am always up for celebrating this feeling!!

I am very grateful for the gifts of music that touched me this weekend – Mary at our church singing, “When you believe” – absolutely stunning and her performance left me totally speechless – and Josh Whiteland playing the drum and didgeridoo last night at the Art by the Bay event.  Blessed gifts indeed.
I am grateful for getting paid to stay at home today!  My first paid public holiday in 3 years J.  I know others who don’t have this privilege, so I am very appreciative.

I am grateful for the helpers we have had the last two weeks – Valerie and Tristan – a French couple joining us for a bit, courtesy of HelpX – and progressing jobs very nicely J.

As always, I am grateful that I can go for a walk and enjoy the beauty that is our world.  Very grateful for the comic relief too of a waddling swan bottom as it fed from the bottom of the lake J.

And very, very humbled and grateful for the blogs that have crossed my path the last couple of weeks – two in particular have given me plenty of thought and some answers to my current “living sustainably” questions – you might like these:  Artist as Family and Revolution from Home.

This post spoke to me today – it is not our place to change the world, but we must change ourselves, right where we are.

ETA - Edited to add – I forgot – between the important (to me) thought I had ‘composing’ this blog post on my morning walk, and the late afternoon when I actually typed it up – Revolution from Home’s blogging about her family living overseas – brought me to think about how our family would go if we moved overseas – and I thought – we would just get by on the minimal of possessions, as the move would be temporary.  Then it hit me – wherever we are, wherever we live – is temporary!  So why do we fill our lives with possessions that are more than we need to survive – and survive well?

Are you seeing that my “living sustainably” questions are currently focussed on food security, food miles and our western excess…???  Just a normal pastime for me.

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