Sunday, 8 March 2015

This week in Sunny Strawbales:
Paving – of course – getting there….the going is slow with so much cutting around the plinths – and it is very noisy and oh, so dusty work – so it is good to just take it steady!

Gardening – lots happening which is lovely – we set up three new raised beds.  Valerie painted the waterproofing on them and I (mostly) filled them with our usual lasagne of rocky sand/rocks; then cardboard and paper; then straw; then mumby magic; then sifted sand and mumby mix; and finally more straw for mulch. 
I’ve decided our tractor sure could do with power steering – I was feeling my muscles the next days!  But we do love our Bob (that is our tractor’s name).


The hard work is worth it – we have got this to show for our efforts:  asparagus and tomatoes:


And three rows of potatoes – we will plant more next time it is below-ground planting days:


This here is our current, most exciting waiting:

Our boy loves his corn and these ones he planted are looking delicious!!

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