Sunday, 29 March 2015

Plastic-free “last-week-of-March” score card.

I’ll give us a 9/10 J - it was a joint family effort – not just me J.

I only had one slip up and purchased hot- cross buns on special to put in the freezer (plastic bagged).  It was actually quite interesting to examine why I forgot – it was just that – went into the shops to buy one Easter egg for school raffle (no plastic) – it was a a bit of a stressful day and I was on auto pilot…

Had some wins too though:


Milk in glass bottle, milk powder in cardboard box (yay – didn’t think I would find any!), plenty of yummy home-made bread (bread flour in paper bag, everything else in pantry already) and new egg flip – none available locally that were bamboo or all metal so this has a silicone flip.

And the local butcher was happy to put some mince in my own container J - though, for public health rules, he did have to use a plastic bag to pick it up…

The biggest challenge was actually the little plastic bags that we usually buy fruit in – they are a plastic that had inadvertently crept back into my life because I already had some re-usable ones:



The lacy ones are a recycled curtain (purchased from a community garden stall) and the brown ones feel like organza (purchased from The Environment Shop in Fremantle) – so they are both actually polyester based – so the orange cotton crochet will be my next one J - and I will search out a cotton crochet table cloth at the op shop to cut up and sew some more.

I enjoyed the challenge so much, we are keeping it going for next week too.   The big search is now on for a local bulk detergent outlet – we are about to run out of the dish detergent that I already raided from our camper!

We are dearly missing having our usual unlimited supply of cheese – the supermarket deli cuts from a bulk supply don’t they?  Wonder if they would be able to sell without any plastic packaging??

And thank goodness eggs come in cardboard cartons!!  Well if you have to buy them like we do…until our chook run is finished…(that would actually be ‘started’….another story….).

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