Sunday, 22 March 2015

Seems almost sacrilege to cook up heirloom tomatoes – but there are too many for us to eat and I am sure it is worse to let them go into the compost (some already succumbed on the bushes…hope they resprout!  That is the thing I have learned about heritage tomatoes – they are ripe before they look it, but if you pick them when they have a little bit of ‘give’, they will last as good as ‘normal’ ones – and look prettier and taste better!!  Those yellow ones looked superb – I don’t think I have eaten one of them yet…).


Everything in the pot was homegrown J!  A rainbow of tomatoes, leek, parsley, oregano, spinach and half a zucchini.



I think its colour will lend it to a nice curry base – I don’t’ think I could get away with pouring it over pasta.

And if you are needing some reading on food gardening – I found this one interesting today, “Why bother?”

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