Saturday, 3 May 2014

This morning started with a stunning fog – the trees down the valley with the sun just rising on them were gorgeous:

And the other way, east, the sun rising through the foggy trees - amazing:

Then our day got busy – scouts sausage sizzle for four hours, soccer for a couple, then home to work in the garden J.
I am very proud of this pile:


My first ever compost bolognaise!  (I usually make it lasagne).  And it is brewing in the spot of a future fruit tree so it will be doing triple duty to burn out the weeds and fertilise the ground too – gotta love permaculture principles for that.
I am basing our garden on Linda Woodrow’s Permaculture for the Home Garden book – I’ve been reading it for years, and following it as I could with our previous garden, but this garden is pretty much designed fully around her mandala system – hence the round tank garden beds – one of which I planted with seeds on seed planting day last week (I’m using this great moon planting calendar) – and the others that are waiting for planting days next week – and thereafter.

There’s been plenty of shovelling of Mumby Magic into those tanks – so I am as happy as a pig in it J.  (Ok, so you gotta listen to the Mumby Magic radio advert song – which I would share with you if I could find it online!).
Oh, and when you edit photos and find this on your camera:


You know the bubba girl has been taking snaps again and finding pretties too J.
Even with so much beauty, life it not all rainbow ribbons and sandals – this mumma ended the day with a very unhappy boy – and he’s been having words to me – and I wish his words were different…

So, today is done and tomorrow is a new day…

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