Saturday, 26 April 2014

Another week – where did it go?  Something to do with work, work and more work – and a lovely trip away for the Easter weekend J!

What a lot of progress too – these short weeks don’t seem to slow anyone down much.

We’ve had plenty of painting:

 We’ve been fortunate to be able to borrow some great painting gear from our neighbour down by the lake, Wes – and it has made all the difference in being able to get through it much quicker.
Still plenty to go though!  You really don’t know how much wall space you have until you have to go over every square centimetre of it!  (And by you, I don’t mean me! ;-)  This is all Michael and Andy’s handiwork.  And we (someone) will have to keep on going over it too – this is only the undercoat! 

We’ve had tantalising tiling too:


(Which I am sure would look even better if blogger would insert this photo without the rotation!) 
And hot bath hobbing:


(Tiling is at a bit of a stand-still until we can get the bath in – plumber is very, very busy – so we are waiting…).
And while we are waiting, we’ve had excellent excavating:

 That’s my sister, Sharon, having a go! 
And, then Michael dug plenty more holes around the house – to get our water pipes to the tank and back:

And lookie – he has found some big rocks – we mean BIG ROCKS! – so we are also now waiting on the bigger excavator to come dig them out – next week hopefully!
But while we wait, there’s plenty to do – or we can just gaze at this:

 Because when a day starts with 3 mixers flat out:

 And ends with 3 barrows all in a row:

 You know your renderers have been J. 
And they have done most of the third and final coat and it looks just stunning and you are seriously in love with it and just want to stare at it day and night and why not, because it *is* mighty, mighty fine…swoon…(go on, scroll back up and look at it again –it’s gorgeous!)

And as much as I truly love that rendering, our Easter visit to Michael’s sister gave pretty photos too:
Like Lake Yearlering:

 And sunset over Corrigin:

Pretty, darn special views, aren’t they? 

How blessed are we?  Gorgeous home coming along and wonderful family that we can visit and who visit us too.  Life is good.

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