Thursday, 23 January 2014

There are bales on the block, people!!!



Real, honest to goodness strawbales!!!!!

It really is exciting now – we can very, very nearly call ourselves strawbalers!!!

We spent last Saturday starting the pick up out of the paddock, and Michael spent the night at Knotwood with Ned and Avril and Juris to do another few truckloads and bring this lot home.  (Wow, home, these strawbales are our home – that sure is a nice feeling J).

It is extra nice that we know where the strawbales are coming from.  I so appreciated being able to walk the ground where the straw was grown, to feel the connection and to say my thanks to the earth for providing our shelter.  And it was lovely to meet the farmer too.

I am really loving this part of building our home – having this connection with it – and with the people who are in this adventure with us!

We have found another connection too – I went to uni with Avril and Ned.  Who would have thought our strawbales would reconnect us 20+ years later?  Ned was instrumental in getting these bales for us – he needed some too, so he did some asking around (he got the proximity rule right - they come from the farm next to Knotwood!) – and now here we all are J.

Thanks Ned and Avril for all your hardwork, your dedication to strawbale building and to your generosity in having us come to Knotwood.

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