Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Honey and I went on a date yesterday!  All day without the kids! 

We went for a lovely, long drive in the countryside J.

In the truck.   To pick up strawbales J.

Here was my view in the paddock:


I was driving the truck in the paddock!!  Oh, yes, I was!  And I tell you, I would kiss the person who invented that bale loader machine thingy – what a God-send!  Ned and Michael were busy stacking on the back of the truck.  I bet they would kiss the person too!

And then we finally had this view:


Lucky last 3 bales J.

Now we just have to get them from Knotwood to here – it’s about an 8 hour round trip - Michael is on his way back with load number four, then four more to go…

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