Monday, 27 January 2014

So, while the guys were on holiday, Michael worked and worked!  He’s a pretty wonderful person!

He and I spent three days planning our electrics – where exactly all the lights and power points will go – who knew it would take so long!?  And I am again, so glad I didn’t have to make these decisions before the build – I would have had no idea at all!  That already shows though, doesn’t it – because I took three days to get through it all anyway...Ah, well – lucky Michael is the electrician, that is all I can say – he lets me change my mind ;-)

Then he got busy putting all the conduit and cables in. 


It has certainly been a bit tricky for him because we have no ceiling space – there are going to be strawbales up there – so there was a lot of thinking how to get ‘a’ to ‘b’ via the internal wall spaces as much as possible.

It still amazes me how much cable you need for one light – I thought it was one wire from the switch to the light = all done.  But apparently you need one there and one back, and another one there if it is going to connect to the next light etc etc – too much for me! 

So I stuck to finalising our kitchen appliances, based on the Choice magazine recommendations.  It wasn’t easy – trying to figure out what was reliable, realistically priced, long-lasting and preferably made in Australia (for less transport miles) – plus of course, water and energy efficient.  I am sure it should be easier.  Time will tell if I got it right!

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  1. I cannot imagine trying to do electric work! My husband does a lot here on the farm, and it makes me a nervous wreck every time. Your house is progressing-you must feel very satisfied at all the work that has been completed!

    Have a great weekend.