Thursday, 23 January 2014

So... how ya’all been?  Good Chrissie and New Year??

Ah, holidays – aren’t they wonderful?

We had a lovely Christmas celebration – including lunch in our house!  J

And, then 2 days later we had 17 here for another family lunch – I loved it!!  This is why we moved – to be closer to family and it has been very nice for this to be happening.

And meanwhile, progress on the house has been ticking along – with plenty of time in between to read in the hammock, go to the beach and take some lovely walks – yes, holidays are wonderful.

But the best news of all – our strawbales have happened!!!  Lookie at these wonderful photos:

The last of the crop:


The straw:


And the bales:



(Plus we have a family connection too in the end – that is Michael’s niece’s husband’s dad doing the baling J.  Thanks George!  And thanks to Ned the finder & photographer and Richard the farmer). 

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