Wednesday, 30 March 2016

I love a day in the garden!  Last Wednesday, it was overcast, with a chilly breeze and some drizzle so was the perfect day to clean up the summer tomatoes and prep for winter crops J.

The harvest:

Japnut self sown pumpkins (these are so super sweet); basil that broke off, hot Paprika capsicum/mild chilli; one cucumber (pulled that vine out); dried out red-flowering broad beans to save the seed; the very last of the tomatoes and rhubarb.  I picked the rhubarb mostly for the leaves so I had some green to compost:

That green layer had a bit of everything I could grab – what is abundant in the garden right now – so that would be self-sown dill, clover, dandelion and rhubarb leaves!  And some sort of amaranth weed looking thing…
I was in a bit of a lazy mood yesterday, so it is lasagne compost, but it will change to bolognaise when I turn it in a few weeks, eh? 

Oh, and I cooked up the rhubarb with apples and some unhappy plums – they added such a lovely pink colour to the fruit – hmmm, should have thought of that when I was making jam last time!  I call soft, semi-bruised fruit unhappy – because my go-to recipe for them is to make “Happy Fruit Crumble” – just take all your unhappy fruit and quickly stew it up, top with your crumble mix and bake for some very deliciousness J.  My crumble mix is a very simple brown sugar, butter and oats – with a little bit of muesli if there is some.

And finally, Mum and I were looking at the lavenders and saw there were plenty of flower heads on the Sugarberry Ruffle blossom – so we picked those and the perfume was divine!

And, I just looked up Stickleberry lavender on the internet (because that is the name I always think they are called – wrong me…) and the most gorgeous recipes for frozen yoghurt and a buttermilk sponge cake came up!   I am inspired!!  (NB - culinary lavender is probably different to my Stickleberry so I will be searching out some to grow too).

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