Monday, 21 March 2016

Chickens are coming and going around here:

Meet our new Silver Laced Wyandottes – 13 week old pullets (= girls!).

To replace chicken dinners...

Remember the one time when I said I had suspicions our first chookens were 6 out of 6 roosters?  Sadly, it is looking like I got it right…Fred, Twilight and Sunset all crowed.  At this stage only Midnight is getting the benefit of the doubt – she is the only one without saddle feathers, though she does have the longer neck feathers, sigh….!!!

Rosey Roger has a reprieve (because he is still gorgeous and still gentle – and I am on the hunt for some Brahma girls so some babies might happen).

(hmm, not his best side by the looks of this photo :-/)

Big Al has a reprieve so some baby Bantam Faverolles might happen, but then he will be re-homed because he is our earliest crow-er!!

And Peggy has a reprieve because (s)he is a Brahma and the breed is not common so I feel happier preserving it.  Peggy is yet to crow but those feathers are giving him away!

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