Thursday, 16 April 2015

Looks like we will be having some quiet time continuing for a while.  The ‘building’ work has stopped for a while – while Michael recovers from recent surgery, two weeks of night shift work up North (while not fully recovered from the surgery) and this ‘flu.  He, and I, just need to spend some down time to get back on top of life.  Nothing to worry about, we know this happens sometime and it is good to welcome the break.

We’ve had a good bit of rain down here, so the garden is coming along and we can already pick some bok choy (planted as seed a few weeks ago) and silverbeet (self-sprouted J) – to join the monster zucch’s that just keep on giving.  But, on Saturday I made some “chicken (forgot the noodle) soup” – for the multitude of menfolk who are sickly – Michael has shared his germs with the boys….



And I think it might be bordering on obsession now – a third string bag is already started J.



I am still reading through the Down to Earth blog – so many good words on there – this is what I have just read today, “…There is an inextricable link between personal happiness and kindness.  Well, well, well. Fancy that. So all those times our mothers and grandmothers told us to be kind to others they were really showing us the way to personal happiness...”  I always find it amazing to discover that when we do good for others, we are doing good for ourselves – I wonder why this does seem such an amazement – why have we lost this knowledge? 

I really am starting to think this crazy busy roundabout we are all on really isn’t good for any of us – the “lack of time” (for helping others/ourselves) is starting to look, to me, like a big part of the problems of the world…I am starting to think that when we have the time to look after ourselves, we will then have the time to share ourselves with others…hmm, I think that sounds a lot like what I have heard others say before!

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