Monday, 6 April 2015

I made soap:

(It should look nicer when it has finished cooling)

Picked vegetables:


(With a helper J)

Made a vege pasta sauce and pickled beetroot J:


Planted potatoes and transplanted some self-sown tomatoes (even though it is way too late to be planting them, I like to give them a go – they went to the effort to sprout after all).  Sowed some carrot seeds amongst those transplanted tomatoes.  Staked up some other tomatoes that I planted a few weeks ago – they are a fast-growing roma, and are already flowering, so we may be lucky and get some more before the cold sets in.

Finished the fruit string bag:

It works J - and I liked it so much I have already started another.

And the normal everyday things – 3 loads of washing, topped up the compost bins with straw, helped the hubby feel a bit better by letting him sleep most of the day (he has ‘flu – a real one L). 

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