Sunday, 26 April 2015

I am often thinking about this blog.  About how I don’t seem to post much lately – and how that doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t doing much.   

There is certainly less to see, that is true – because most of what I am doing is thinking. 

I long thought that I think too much.  But I changed my mind when, a few years ago, we were just starting to plan our strawbale home and I wrote that exact sentiment to Warwick Rowell.  He emailed me back one of the biggest compliments of my life.  He wrote, “Few people bother to think.  Even fewer bother to think deeply.  Fewer still think deeply, consistently”. 

Those special words sustain me at times like this when I do so much thinking.

And they got me thinking new thoughts ;-)…about compliments, about the best compliments in my life, about how blessed I am to have even received compliments – especially ones that sustain me.

Good thoughts, friends, good thoughts.


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