Saturday, 6 December 2014

Our family have been asking to actually see the house - so here you are Kari, Denise, Mum and all - grab a cuppa, this is a long one.

The front of our home – looks a bit plain at the mo – but imagine some seating and greenery…it will look lovely about this time next year I reckon.


Front entry hall – you will have to imagine the credenza painted white – and I have only just put the pretties out – so it looks like a reddish, golden copper will be the new fabric colour scheme for the rocking chair (yes it rocks on some back springy things).  I have told the kids I am putting an internal door on one day – with a lock! – so I can sit in here and read in peace and quiet – ahhh, the serenity.  The chandelier is from Bunnings – they have a huge lighting range available only at the Armadale store in WA.  I had a ‘vision’ come to me one day a while ago, that the light fitting for our front entry hall would be a chandelier with a silver drum shade (drum shades are quite the trend at the moment – or has it passed??)  Doesn’t worry me either way – I like it!  Anyway, I looked online to see where I might find one to match my vision – and Bunnings in Sydney had this one – and it was the only one I liked anywhere I looked – so being clever, I did a store search and found out that the Armadale store, which had opened only a month before, had them too – yay.  And it was on sale when we happened to be there to have a look – double yay!




(Goodness, when I edited the photo I saw the doily cover on the chair back was crooked– probably due to baby long legs relocation this morning – it is straightened now!).  Will get some hooks for the pictures one day – and a shade for the gorgeous lamp base I have had for 18 years without one…been waiting for the right home for the lamp – we are finally here – triple yay!

Lounge room – still needing plenty more furniture – we’ll get there one day.  These are the gorgeous sofas that have been in storage since March last year – finally out – and of course they are covered by slip covers when I am not taking a photo – kids and pale fabric – not the best combo just yet ;-).  Oh, and the floral cushions will be changed one day to plain – the blue is a gorgeous colour that I love but the house has let me know it is a silver, white and red/autumn colour scheme so the cushions no longer match…


I thought I had already shared a photo of the finished kitchen, but a quick search of my photos says otherwise – so I went and cleaned it up and took this photo (cropped out the dirty dishes of course) – yes, the things I do for you!  Actually I will have to take a photo later tonight or first thing tomorrow so I can show you my stunning sink – seriously gorgeous too.  And sorry about how dark it looks - it is overcast, grey and cloudy here right now.



Now there is a story behind the island bench.  Of course there is.  And if you are very, very astute (or can be bothered to go back and look at the last kitchen photo – it is in this post here) – you will see that the island bench was never in the kitchen before.   That is because I didn’t really want one (even though it was part of the recycled kitchen we had purchased).  Islands become dumping grounds in my experience, which is not the look I am after (ok yes, this was a dumping ground for a while, but I have got it mostly under control now – yay).  Anyhoo – my ideals in not having one was all well and good, until Michael’s mum was here moving us into the house – and all my kitchen bits and bobs no way fitted into all those cupboards L.  So Pauline suggested we try the island bench.  Hmmm, I wasn’t convinced…but try it we did – after Michael spent the day cutting the kickboard off (it was too big to fit through the door otherwise).  So I let the island bench be sat in its space, on it’s cut-off kickboards for a couple of days and glanced at it warily every few hours – and I had to agree that it looked good and provided some much needed extra storage.  You were right Pauline – thank you!

And folk, look back at the photo and notice the light fittings.  We got them at a local farm garage sale – I wonder if they were baby chick or piglet warmers?  I like the idea!!  They were a lovely shade of British racing green – it had to go in favour of this even more lovely red (which is closer to the tile red than the photo looks) – Michael did a great job spray painting them for me.  He has a good hand for spraying – I think it is because he has patience – unlike a certain non-spray painting me…

Oh, and table and chairs will get a paint and fabric revamp one day too – yes, I have a very long list of furniture painting – for one day…

So, you have probably had enough after the kitchen I think.  Ok, come back for Part 2 tomorrow y’all.

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