Sunday, 7 December 2014

And the kitchen sink:

I am sure you will agree, it is gorgeous!  I fell in love with the flush-fit profile and wonderful, large washing bowls.  It was quite an extravagant purchase, but if a girl has to wash dishes, it is mighty good to have as many positives to the chore as possible! 

And yes, the coffee machine is ready to make you a cuppa – we are pretty good at the cappuccinos if I do say so myself – and OH MY, Michael made me a totes delish ice coffee yesterday – so summer-time treats are good too J.

Now I am sure you have noticed how incredibly clean our house was for these photos!  And those who know me well will know that is a minor miracle!!  Well I do have some cleaning fairies – here is one I came across on Saturday morning:




She told me she was finished fairy flossing and was ready to go to the beach!

Now speaking of cleaning, the ‘big sink clean-up for photo shooting’ inspired me to give the oven a bit of a once over.   I now have this advice to give, “One should, having specifically purchased a pyrolytic oven for its cleaning function, should use said pyrolytic cleaning function in preference to scrubbing the shelves to the point of blistered fingertips!”  Yes indeed, one should.

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