Sunday, 7 December 2014

More photos of our house interior reveal  :-).

(Reveal – that is what they say on all the decorating/house makeover blogs I read – sounds a bit weird to me, but if that is what it is, that is what it is ;-)  Not sure that is what I am doing, but you never know).

Our bathroom – I do seriously love the eucalyptus green and white colour scheme.  The vanity drawers are from Ikea – we got them in the clearance section for half price – apparently they were damaged – the only thing we could find wrong was a pin-head of paint missing from one of the top handles, which is now hidden by our gorgeous jarrah benchtop.  Pretty mirror was sourced online as I couldn’t find anything I loved locally.



Master bedroom – love, LOVE the walls (have I told you that before?) and simple white (organic cotton) bedlinen.  Bedsides and lamps to be painted white one day soonish…




Shed room – ready for visitors :-) - in fact already had visitors (we rehomed the huntsman back to the bush and kept the humans for as many days as they could stay :-).  It was a major clean-up to get it to this stage but is so nice to see it looking nice.


And finally – we got some lovely furniture for the hobby room so supplies-are-out-and-being-used-woohoo :-)!!  The ‘new’ furniture are bargains from our local Lion’s Shed – heavy wooden bookcase for $80 and old table for $20 – love, love, love them both (the table and chairs will get the white paint treatment one day too.  The chairs were Lion’s Shed bargains some months ago, way before the house was finished).



Michael is much more impressed at having a desk big enough to get his radios connected.  This huge desk (over 2.5m long) was another Lion’s Shed bargain – only 50 bucks!  It’s a triple win-win-win buying from the Lion’s shed – bargains to us, recycling (environmentally friendly) and helping a great local charity group too.

 I am sure it is supposed to look tidier than this for a photo on our blog though ;-).

And he just has a vertical antenna on the roof at the moment, so one day, some more site works have to happen to get the towers up…

And the chook run built, and the kid’s cubby house and … and … and … all will happen in time (next year…)…

And the house will look nothing like this soon – time to find the Christmas decorations J!!!

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