Friday, 6 September 2013

Waiting with bated breath for the shire to confirm they would approve our plans was a bit nerve racking – we don’t have a plan B!
One week later, I get a letter – oh, no not a happy letter - a letter with 5 items that need more information!  Thankfully, 3 items were just clarification from our plans, one item for the structural engineer to clarify, and one measurement required = all quite easy and sorted within a day J.

So we keep waiting and they call us after another week and ask if I can send dimensions of the setbacks of the buildings (we included the boundary set backs we need to keep within but being rural residential we also needed to keep all buildings within 2000m2).  I got the trusty long tape measure out and took some guesstimates – and it looked to me like it would take us to 3000m2 – not happy Jan L!  So I spent a worried night about what we would do – we would have to cut down 5 trees to get within 2000m2 L ... but all good (phew!) because when I gave the measurements to the building surveyor, he calculated it to all fit in 1800m2 (I think by not having to include the rainwater tank as I did) – so we were good to go again.
Another week of waiting and we then received an email to say we needed two septic applications as we are having two systems (one for the shed and one for the house) – so overnight I fill the second one in (identical to the first ;-) !) – add the two site plans with plenty of dimensions and deliver that!

And...that afternoon.....we get a phone call to say the building approval will be in the mail on Monday!!! 
Yay us!!!

It is only the building approval – not the septics – they need to come and do a soil/site inspection for that – so hopefully next week we will be good to go, go, Gomez!!!  Hopefully, they haven’t put too many conditions on the building approval too...but...
Biggest Yay!!!

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