Thursday, 19 September 2013

And here we are people – this is what you call a work of art – or a sand pad finished if you insist!
Isn’t she beautiful?


And this is the lovely Soul – Wally’s offsider – he’s been a fantastic friend for us and our kids, as has his mother, Ella J.


We have the engineer compaction certificate too – all 8’s; 9’s; 10’s; 11 and 12 – that is good apparently!  So Yay!!
There’s been a few rain delays to get this far (and today might be another one...) – but we should have the set out done by this weekend – ready for the concreter (he already has our plans – so he can plan;-) and plumber – and this certain sparky we know!

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  1. How exciting to be building a new house, and a great idea to document it all with a blog! Our boys were little when we built and it is all a blur with very few pictures. I wish I had written down some things.