Friday, 6 January 2017

On the 12th day of Christmas, I present to you a round-up of the ‘green’ of our Christmas Day.

I did this round-up last year, and I was feeling that perhaps I didn’t do as well this year (mostly because I was too late to order the Christmas Loo Paper from Who Gives a Crap L), but actually, I do think we did quite well.
Here is our Green Christmas List:
·        Real Christmas Tree again – purchased from the local Lion’s Club fundraiser of course, and will be composted.
·        Used cuttings of native shrubs from our block in our Christmas decorating
·        Re-used our perpetual “With love from your family” gift tags (will need to make another one, Pepper ate mine!)
·        Gifts wrapped in newspaper and prettied up with recycled ribbons
·        Recycled gift bags used – and packed away for next time
·        Recycled (= second-hand) gifts under the tree included my new camera, an electronic toy for our boy, a make-your-own plush toy for the youngest
·        Gave stainless steel lunch boxes as gifts to the children and each other; and stainless steel thermoses to the children
·        The vast majority of purchases were from local shops, and the two online ones, from ethical stores (Biome and Dachshund Rescue Australia)
·        Carried on our family tradition of choosing library books for each other instead of purchasing – we did very well I have to say, the kids have all been reading for days.
·        No Christmas crackers at meals – the food was what we were there for!
·        The candles and holders on our table were from the op shop, as were the 5 mini Christmas trees I added to the decorating.
·        I made Christmas stockings for us all this year, using only recycled fabric.
·        Santa again wrapped the family gift (a ‘spider web’ swing) in a blanket – he’s one clever dude that man!

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