Saturday, 31 December 2016

Two of my best gifts this year were a bushwalking guide book and a new, wee camera. 

So I have been testing them out – the beauty out there is simply stunning and we have enjoyed the two wonderful walks we have been on so far. 

Just check out these amazing photos – most from my new point and click, a few from my Honey’s digital SLR (I did say to him I was a bit disappointed he took better photos than me (we took the same scenes a few times)…so I will just say it is the difference in the cameras – or it could be he is better than me…???!).


And our absolute favourite moment – watching a pod of dolphins surfing!  Weren’t we just blessed?!
(PS – all of these photos are as the cameras took them (except for some straightening of horizons where needed.  I didn’t need to do anything at all to those colours!).

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