Friday, 18 November 2016

So we missed a few weeks of feeling well enough to do much, so there is some catch-up to be done.  It is starting now-ish thankfully J.

We celebrated a belated BOO! in early November.  The kids are keen on Halloween because of the treats, dress-up time and decorating/crafting opportunity – all good things to enjoy.  Since our kids are the only ones on our street we confine our trick or treating to our own front door LOL!  It is still great fun and we were very happy to take advantage of a pupil-free day to do some fun Halloween decorating.


You will find almost everything via this post – so much I loved (bat template link, skull print out, jar labels) so I downloaded and enjoyed J.  The kids were very happy to have responsibility for the ink distressing of the labels and bat cutting out.

Some people noted the scariest thing of all in our display – the C – e – l – e- r – y.  My kids knew immediately what it meant though – it gives me the creeps – YUCK, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK! 

Each year we love to carve a pumpkin and we have gotten in the habit of trying to carve a famous “Jack”.  It is so much fun – I hope you recognise this year’s inspiration!

Ooh, and friendly spider tablecloth inspired by this one J.

Our other yearly tradition is to eat our “Jack” and I was keen to roast the pumpkin seeds and see how yummy they were.  Verdict – yummy seeds J.   This was our very first year of a “proper Halloween pumpkin”, so it was a bit of an unknown how Jack himself would taste.  Verdict – roasted Jack Skellington – yummy too!

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