Wednesday, 21 September 2016

I have been keeping a little secret from my blog – not because it is a secret, but because it is a surprise for you all!  A great, big FUN surprise!!

Well that is how it is making me feel anyway, so I know you will join in J.

A couple of months ago, I emailed one of my favourite bloggers, Kristine from The Painted Hive (who shows her gorgeous home interiors and furniture make-overs on her blog) and asked if she could help me with working out what to put where in our lounge room.  I was truly stuck because I liked way too many things and had acquired way too many differing things and was just overwhelmed with knowing what I actually wanted…

Anyway, the secret surprise can’t be a secret anymore because there is this fantastic post on Kristine’s blog J.

This is the gorgeous room idea she (and I) worked on and I just love it!

We are working on getting our lounge room to look like Kristine’s render – it is so much fun to see it coming together – but the best part is knowing already, before we make side tables and cushion covers and buy a few things, that I will LOVE IT ALL! 

There shouldn’t be stress in making your house your home, but when you are as overwhelmed as I was with that gorgeous, but large, white wall and eclectic furniture that just wasn’t working, it has been well worth it to get this wonderful clarification.  Now, don’t you go thinking it was easy for Kristine, if you know me well you know I can write essays about what passes through my brain, and she may or may not have been the recipient of that and more!!!

Hmm, looking at it now, I wonder if she can work some magic in keeping it as tidy in real life?  LOL J.

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