Sunday, 25 September 2016

Another item we have “updated” for our lounge room make-over is a pottery vase for the re-vamped coffee table (will show you the coffee table soon J).

This is the inspiration vase that Kristine designed into the photo:

Don’t you just love it?  Trendy but not over the top.  Just perfect I think.

It looks to me like it is made with the concrete look – but I very much doubt that I would find it, so I didn’t bother and set out instead to find something in the same shape and use it somehow!

So, you can imagine how pleased I was to find this mission brown vase at the op shop!!

And I knew I could easy paint it – because Kristine has this tutorial on her blog J!

So, the above photo was after I sanded it and gave it a bit of a rinse.  I had to use a rougher wet-and-dry sandpaper than I thought and I was a slightly concerned when I could hear the glaze crackling while it dried in the sun.  But all good, no cracking of the actual pottery.

Now, those of you who have read this blog for a while will know that I don’t claim to be very patient…and spray painting looks best with a patient hand…so the spraying was down to my wonderful Honey.  He used an etch and prime spray paint –  a dull, thickish grey for rust prevention on metal.  It seems to have stuck well on the ceramic and looks fantastic!

And I got him to leave a small wisp of the brown showing on the neck – a little bit of contrast to tie in with the darker wood tones of the room…that was my thought anyway…

The op shop also yielded that spray of genuine fake eucalyptus leaf.  I was always only going to have foliage in the vase, so this is pretty much perfect.

I wish I could show the vase to you in real life, the matt finish is just gorgeous.  And since it cost $7, I will not freak out too much having it on the coffee table with kids running around J.

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