Monday, 25 July 2016

I was going through a bit of a funk in the last couple of weeks.  It was cold, wet and miserable – and pretty much so was I.  I expect this of myself because I REALLY DON’T like winter, but still I was thinking, “Just pull your socks up and get going!”  I wanted to be feeling good to get things done inside the house and in the garden – but it just wasn’t in me…

Then a bit of a reality check hit me.  And it said to me, “Traditionally winter is a time of rest.  The garden gets a bit of rest and so do the humans”. 

I’m good with that thought!   J

But, what a difference some sunshine can make!  Today has been most productive – a lovely morning walk; washing galore; gathering chook tucker (=weeding); and then a little bit of cleaning inside, which - since Michael has steadily been working on building the extra shelves we needed in the pantry – turned into a full pantry clean – gotta be happy with that J.

Don’t the shelves just do the trick?!

And he put in a few hooks so we could hang these lovelies too J.

My vintage cutting board collection (two…so far).  The one on the left (paper lanterns and cherry blossom) was a wedding gift to my parents and the one on the right I found at an op shop – it has Australian native flowers. 

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