Friday, 29 July 2016

Before the weather turns today, I needed to spray the peaches and nectarine to try and prevent leaf curl.  I read somewhere that you could try raw milk, so I have.  It sure has a lot of cream!

And I think I am only just in time to spray, because the nectarine has already started to blossom – gorgeous pink blossoms:

Apparently, it is too early for them to blossom – oh, well we can only wait and see.  This year we also have a new nectarine tree, another variety (a gift from our neighbour J), that is still only budding, so maybe if this one succumbs to some weather, the other one will do ok??  We are really hoping for some fruit this year – but we will have to beat the kangaroos to them – the monkies are eating the buds in the orchard L.  Time to build the orchard enclosure…it’s on the list…

We let the chooks prune the food forest beneath these trees too – they did a sterling job!  Boy did they trample and peck at the greens! 


I am perpetually amazed at how much they eat!  But we do like letting them live a good life here – and of course we are rewarded – 5 eggs yesterday!

And, when we cleaned out the garden beds to plant up the seedlings last week, Michael chopped down the rhubarb – and now it is doing this! 


So amazing to watch the unfurling.  I didn’t even realise they started as little balls of leaves.

Dinners from the garden this week have included pumpkin, sweet potato, silverbeet, broccolini and herbs – yum!

But this lot is a dog’s dinner!  Only the carrots are from the store – and I probably could have picked some tiny ones from the garden if I wanted. 

It really is so very nice to grow our own organic veges – thank you garden – and gardeners!

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