Monday, 17 August 2015

The ongoing seedling experiment is proving interesting.  I am very new at raising seedlings with any objective, so I am finding it all good fun to watch it unfold.
Here are the latest photos:


The little pots are coming along nicely.  
We have even had some chives sprout – which I am as super excited about as I am about the pea seedlings.  We eat a lot of chives and I don’t have nearly enough to match our consumption – so this is good.


But as much as the potted seedlings are coming along – the cloched seedlings have just taken off!!


So it looks to me like we are heading towards a clear winner.  Being snug and warm seems to suit them as much as it does me J (must work on keeping me snugger and warmer!).
And a final garden photo for this week – we have plum blossoms and leaves J:

This is our double-grafted plum-plumcot – we hope we will be able to tell which side is which when we get some fruit.

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