Saturday, 20 June 2015

Yesterday we awoke to a pretty normal morning.

Then as we were getting ready for school, a pea soup fog descended – I could only see about 100m in front of me driving the car – until we got half way down the hill and it was a cloudy blue sky with sunshine!
Then – apparently it rained most of the day!   Not much where I was at work, but by all accounts bucketed down back here.  I could tell there had been some volume by the amount of debris across the roads, so I was expecting to see quite a few mm in the gauge.  But I wasn’t quite expecting the 78mm we found!!  That is over 10mm an hour for the 7 hours we were away.  And our neighbours recorded up to 95mm – that’s nearly 4 inches in the old money!

There were a few washouts too:
Our front road drainway needs some TLC now.  That geofabric should be covered by the rocks piled up below.

Others around the estate were even worse with their whole length washed out!
And you can see the lake overflowed it’s spillway by the debris line:

It would have been something to see!  Yesterday, these grasses were standing high (at least a couple of feet tall):

Luckfully, we haven’t heard of any bad damage, and we are very grateful that we spent quite some time making sure our home is as flood resistant as we can easily make it.  The time spent contouring the surrounds to direct water flow around the edges is well worth it.
And interesting to note – the meteorological site that is closest to us, recorded only 4.8mm rain in the same time period!!

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