Sunday, 14 June 2015

Semi-random ramblings that come into my head as I walk in the morning: (most of these are not from me, but my interpretation of what I read all over the place).

-           If we think we are a ‘good’ person, I think we have a moral obligation to be an environmentalist and leave some good for the next generation(s).

-           Everything we buy has costs we maybe don’t factor in.  I was thinking about how using my own fruit bags might add something to the weight (cost) of buying the fruit – but the plastic bags also has a cost (environmentally) - that we leave for the next generation(s) to pay.

-           We benefit from having an involvement in growing our own food.  Being divorced from food production is something that contributes to our requirement to earn a wage – and it is good to minimise that!

 -           Convenience has overtaken our ability to grow our own food – due to above – when we don’t grow our own food, we need to pay someone else to do it – so we work hard somewhere out of a field, spending many life hours, therefore ‘needing’ the convenience of pre-grown food!  What a roundabout!

 -           The basic human needs are food, shelter and meaningful employment.  You can grow all three yourself!  I have long thought that the reason so many modern people feel ‘lost’ or caught up in consumerism is that their life denies their hunter-gather instinct so they gather objects rather than food.  Seems to me that there is joy to be had in simply gathering food (instead of meaningless clutter). 


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